Unlikely places to find inspiration for your new kitchen

Seeking inspiration for a home renovation project may seem a little difficult at times. You read magazines or visit online stores for ideas but they all tend to be simple – either modern and minimalistic or classic, traditional looks. What if you want something different or a fusion of different styles? Here are some ideas for where to source inspiration for your kitchen renovation.

accentsTV shows

Home renovation programs on TV are obviously a great source of ideas as to how you can change the look of a room and that’s what makes them so popular. But you don’t always have to only be inspired by shows that deal with kitchen or home renovations. Why not instead look at the kitchens in your favourite program and see what touches from them could be brought into your home?

Maybe you love the look of the kitchens in your favourite soup or love a period show like Downton Abbey and want to be inspired by this.


Another prime source of inspiration is things you see while on holiday. If you go abroad, you get a chance to see how kitchens are designed in that country. We are all familiar with Nordic style thanks to Ikea but there is more to it than just what the store stocks – why not research your favourite location and see what they typically include in their kitchens and how they style them?Callerton Kitchens designed and fitted by Kitchens by Design Bri

Also, remember that you don’t need to recreate what you have seen but simply use touches of it or flashes of colour combinations. Say you love the look of Mexican homes from a holiday there, but don’t see your kitchen working in a full brown colour scheme that these homes often use. Then why not use the colours or styles as accents to make the room yours, with a little touch of Mexico in it.

Periods in history

Often people want to throw themselves into a time period and have a room that is entirely dedicated to it. But when the room in question is a kitchen, this might seem a little more difficult to do.

However, there are ways to bring a little of the time period you love into your kitchen. Even small touches will do – motifs that you find appealing can be used as wall art or on tiles. You can also use colour schemes to bring out the feel of a period while still being able to use the most modern appliances and not feel a sense of disharmony.

Get some assistance

When you are looking to renovate your kitchen, don’t feel you have to do it all yourself. In fact, it can often be helpful to work with a kitchen designer who can help turn your ideas and dreams into a reality in ways you maybe would never have considered yourself. And they can also bring a practical touch to proceedings, knowing what can be done with a room and what might be a little too far.

Kitchens by Design can work with you to create bespoke kitchens in Bristol that suit your needs. Book an appointment to come and see us or call us on 0117 962 2599.

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