How to create a perfect kitchen for entertaining

Whether you’re mainly hosting dinner parties, social events or simply relaxing, your kitchen can be the perfect place for entertainment. If you’re creating a kitchen with entertaining in mind, here are our tips.

What events are you hosting?Dinner party

No matter how big your kitchen is, the chances are when you’ve got people round to your house, that’s where they’re going to congregate. When considering a redesign of your kitchen for entertaining, you need to firstly think about what kind of events you will mainly host there. So if it’s dinner parties you’ll be having, are they casual, formal, buffet affairs? This will affect where you need seating or space for plates.


Next, think about what space you have available, if you’re working with a restricted floorspace then trying to squeeze in an island and some chairs won’t be practical. Make sure you have enough workspace for cooking as the priority and then think about where your guests can go.

If you do have space for an island, they can work really well as somewhere for guests to stand around and still interact with the chef without getting in the way too much. Thinking about hob positioning can help avoid the awkward times when you need to turn your back to prepare the food.


If you host a lot of dinner parties then there are a few extra additions to help the experience really stand out. A separate smaller fridge or wine cooler that can be installed within your kitchen island will mean you can get a nice chilled drink without having to go to the main fridge. An espresso or coffee machine can help keep your guests from rushing off to bed and finish the evening on a great note.

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