Bringing creativity into your space

A kitchen can be one of the most creative areas in a home. Whether you’re throwing things together that are in the cupboard or coming up with a fine dining menu, being in a space that gets the creative juices flowing can help prevent chef’s block (like writer’s block but with a cool hat).


Following the recipe has it’s pros but experimenting with cooking is something that almost everyone enjoys. Maybe eating the results isn’t always great but having the freedom to innovate is really freeing. Something that is underestimated in homes, especially in the kitchen, is the power of your surroundings to inspire creativity. There’s no question that working in a drab, white walled, poorly decorated and lit space will limit your creative potential. More and more offices are bringing in designers to renovate their areas for exactly this reason. So why shouldn’t this happen at home too?

The challenge with making a creative environment generally, is that everyone has their personal preference and being creative while also tasteful is a fine line to walk.

Colourful kitchenMaking your space more creative with colour

When looking to make your kitchen more inspiring we would suggest putting some splashes of colour around. This can be done by using coloured LED lights under the cupboards, or changing the colours of the chairs. Small changes maybe but they will add up to make your kitchen feel like a better place to innovate. If you’re more comfortable with bold colours then look at the colours of the kitchen cupboards, walls and surfaces. Bringing some bright colours to all or some of these will make your kitchen really stand out.

Add creativity by bringing the outdoors inKitchen herbs

Introducing more plants into your home can help boost the oxygen levels, leading to help avoiding headaches and respiratory ailments. If you decide to grow herbs there’s the benefit of not having to buy them and knowing they are going to be fresh. They can also help creativity by providing you with a natural and different subject to look at, or even integrate into your cooking.

If you’re looking for some advice and inspiration for your kitchen design then Kitchens by Design can help! Our team can help you to create the bespoke kitchen of your dreams. Call us on 0117 962 2599 to start the creative process.

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