Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Spring is a time of renewal as the natural world begins to throw off the winter and start to prepare for the most productive time of the year. This often inspires us to do something similar in our homes and this leads to spring cleaning. Spring cleaning the kitchen is always a good opportunity to carry out an assessment of the room’s facilities as well as giving everything a refresh.

The basics

Spring tulipsSpring cleaning is a great chance to clean all those awkward spots that can be missed during the normal cleaning process. Things like the top of units, the side of cupboards and the glassware in the decorative cupboard are all areas that only need cleaning occasionally but spring is a great time to do this.

If you aren’t a huge fan of bleach and other harsh cleaning chemicals, you can also use lemons for a surprising number of jobs. It has natural anti-bacterial properties and you can squeeze a half lemon onto chopping boards and some worktop surfaces for a natural clean.

Don’t forget cleaning includes kitchen equipment too. It is a perfect time to descale kettles and coffee machines and use a special cleaning product for dishwashers and washing machines. This type of cleaning can significantly lengthen the lifespan of these types of equipment and save you money in the long run.

Organised kitchenSorting out the cupboards

Spring is also an ideal time to clear out your cupboards. We all have those spaces where things seem to congregate – a single portion of pasta in the bottom of a big box or that odd tin of soup that no-one wants to eat. Therefore, this can be a wonderful time to maximise your space and to clear out some of these unused items. Check the use by dates as it can be surprising how long things can hide in these spaces!

Back in January, we talked about organising your kitchen and having a clear out of cupboards and drawers. Spring can be an ideal time to review these changes and see if there is anything that was kept in January but still hasn’t been used. Kitchen utensil gadgets are a prime example – how often do you actually make melon balls? And do you ever use the apple corer or just cut it in half and slice the middle out with a knife?

Fresh finishing touches

Greenery and real plants are a big benefit to a kitchen and you can always opt for practical plants such as herbs. Now is a great time to either plant some seeds for later use or to buy a small herb plant or two and place them on a windowsill.

When all of this is done, you may be inspired to make some changes to your kitchen to make better use of your space or to add space that you need. Kitchens by Design can work with you to create a kitchen design in Bristol that suits your needs. Arrange an appointment today by filling out our contact form or call us on 0117 962 2599.

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