Preparing your kitchen for summer

With summer finally around the corner, now is a great time to prepare your kitchen for the jobs required of it during the warmer months. It can also be the ideal time to do some DIY and freshen up the space after the long dark winter.

Get the light and air in

sunflowersDuring winter, it’s all about keeping the warmth in the house but as summer approaches, it becomes about getting light and air into the room. So, if you have a big, heavy blind or curtains at the window, you may want to swap these for something lighter. Get the windows open and let the air flow – not only does this help freshen up the room but you also get the sound of the birds singing to make you feel great.

Refresh the kitchen

The downside of letting all this light into the room is that you can spot where things are looking a little worn and tired. Spring is a great time to do some painting and decorating before the warmth of the summer comes on. It is surprising just how much difference a coat of paint can make to a kitchen – after all, the room works very hard and most cooking creates fumes and debris that can affect the walls over time.

If you decide that the kitchen needs more than just a coat of paint, Kitchens By Design can work with you to create a kitchen design that suits your needs. Arrange an appointment today.

Grow some herbsKitchen herbs

Plants are popular in most parts of the house but in the kitchen, you can opt for useful plants, namely, herbs. They look great, add that touch of natural greenery and have a lovely scent to their leaves. Plus, you can use them in your cooking – there’s nothing that can compare with fresh herbs.

Basil is a popular one that is used in a lot of Italian dishes and can be tricky to grow outside but loves a windowsill. Chives and parsley are both easy to grow and have multiple uses around the kitchen. If you have a big window area or sunny spot, you could even go for a little herb garden with a tiered planter to add various herbs.

Get ready for the sun

It always pays to prepare for warmer weather, even if sometimes the reality is a little disappointing. This might mean anything from bags of ice in the chest freezer to extra ice cream at the ready. One great idea is to make your own ice lollies – that way you can flavour them with real fruit and if you have kids, then you can get goodness into them in a fun way. You can also make adult versions with a little alcohol into the mix – strawberry and prosecco ice lollies are one tasty idea!


Your kitchen works hard all year round and it never hurts to give it some TLC as the warmer months come along. By refreshing it, upgrading a few essentials and looking to what you will need in the summer, then you are prepared for the sunshine – let’s just hope it arrives!

Kitchens by Design can help design you a bespoke kitchen. Get in touch with our team on 0117 962 2599 or fill out our contact form.

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