Simplify Your Kitchen – A Guide to a More Efficient Kitchen

If your goal is to lead a simpler life, the kitchen is always a good place to start. Streamlining your pots, pans, and cutlery is key for a well-organised and functional kitchen. After all, what can cause more frustration than a kitchen drawer that is so full with junk you never use that it takes you five minutes to find the can opener? Eventually, you give up when you stumble upon the corkscrew and open a bottle of red instead.

Kitchen build-up is inevitable, but you can do something to minimise it. After all, a kitchen cluttered with gadgets and pots you don’t actually use will eventually prevent you from enjoying cooking.

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Organising Your Kitchen – The January Clear Out

The New Year comes with lots of resolutions that take commitment throughout the following months. If you are not keen on big resolutions, you could always start with something small that will still give you that good feeling of starting afresh. And what time could be better to declutter your kitchen that has been neglected for the past year?

Creating clutter-free environment in your kitchen is not only good for when you want to cook something tasty for your family, but it’s also great for the mind. Tossing all those items you haven’t used since you’ve moved in and organizing everything else is surprisingly satisfying, so start your New Year with the feeling that you have already accomplished something of substance.

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Incorporating a Dining Area into Your Kitchen

No matter the size of your kitchen, it is always nice to have a dining area where you can have your breakfast or simply relax with a cuppa in hand. Many homes do not have a designated dining area, which means that your kitchen may lack the space for a table and a couple of chairs for the family. However, with some clever thinking, it is possible to incorporate a dining area into the kitchen regardless of its size.

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Healthy eating for New Year

Now Christmas and New Year festivities have ended, most people are thinking about how to eat healthy after indulging in scrumptious food throughout the season. While it may be time to start meal planning and eating healthily, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on delicious food!

Enjoy healthy eating with these yummy recipes for your New Year.

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What Ovens are Best for Home Bakers?

For many families, time spent together often involves a spot of baking.  Cupcakes, muffins, cookies and cakes are all popular and a great family activity.  Plus, there is the advantage that home cooked baked items are generally lower in additives and sugar than store bought alternatives.  The key to successful home baking is the oven but when the time comes to buy a new one, how do you know what ovens are best for home bakers?

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What Type of Flooring is the Most Heat Efficient?

For most households, one of the biggest expenses after things like their mortgage and the food bill are their utility bills.  Electricity is usually top, followed by gas and as much as we hate bills, our homes don’t function without them.  Therefore, there is a big drive towards making homes more heat efficient and saving some money on those utility bills.  In terms of the kitchen, the flooring is often one way to change the heat efficiency of the space but what type of flooring does the best job?

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Natural Ways to Clean Your Kitchen without Chemicals

While there is nothing wrong with using shop bought chemicals and cleaning products to clean your kitchen, more and more people are finding themselves intolerant to them.  It can be anything from an irritated nose to a full allergic reaction.  Other simple prefer to use natural solutions for their cleaning jobs.  So here are some of the best natural ways to clean your kitchen.

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