Is there a best type of sink?

The kitchen sink is one of the most important components in the kitchen used for everything from cleaning dishes to food preparation and many other tasks. Kitchen designers are often asked if there is a ‘best type’ of kitchen sink but the answer to this is more about what you need from your sink and what space you have.

Sink materials

The material that the sink is made from is one of the key considerations when making your choice. In most cases, making sure it is made from hard wearing materials will be the most important thing, while if you entertain a lot, you may want a more visually striking option.Stainless steel sink

Traditional choices

Stainless steel has long been the top choice for sinks and offers the widest range of styles. They are hard wearing and very easy to clean. You cannot chip or crack the material but it is possible for some scratches to appear at first – these usually fade over time however.

Ceramic sinks have become a popular option and are great for traditional and country style kitchens. These sinks are handcrafted and baked in fireclay resulting in a stain free sink that is easy to clean. Simply wipe them down and they are restored to top condition.

Modern options

For a stronger, tougher option, composite quartz sinks use real quartz to ensure they can withstand high temperatures, are very tough and scratch resistant. Most can withstand a hot pan being placed on them up to 200 degrees. They are more expensive than other options.

Resin sinks are made with a man-made material that creates the look of a composite sink but is less expensive. They are a modern look on a budget and come in white, black and grey. They are easy to maintain and are very hard wearing as most scratches can simply by buffed away with a cloth.

Sink styles

The other factor in the decision concerning which sink is best for your kitchen is the style of sink. The space available will play a part in this decision as well as the features that you require.

Single bowl inset sinks are one of the most space saving options available and offer a single bowl with draining area that is inset into the kitchen bench. You can also get 1.5 bowl versions that have a second, smaller bowl beside the main area. Double basinDouble bowl styles are great if you have more room and want one sink for cleaning and one for food preparation.

A Belfast sink is a classic style of rectangular bowl, usually made from white porcelain, that gives a wide space in which to work. Alternatively, you can get round sinks that don’t require as much room but often don’t have an attached draining area. You can even get sinks with American style garbage disposal units attached to them, as long as you have the space for the workings of the system.

It is often best to work with a kitchen designer and installer to go through the options of which sink is best for your kitchen to ensure you make the right choice. The team at Kitchens by Design can help with any design needs you may have. Get in touch for help with your bespoke kitchen by calling 0117 962 2599 or fill out our contact form.

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