Get creative with your storage

Aside from the basics of cooking and cleaning, the most important job of the kitchen is to store equipment. From tins of food to appliances, cleaning materials to baking bowls, the storage demands on a kitchen are always high. Sometimes this requires creative and novel solutions to make the most of the space you have and fulfil your storage needs.

Higher storageOrganised kitchen

We all have kitchenware we don’t use very often – the best china, the pots that get used once or twice a year etc. We don’t need instant access to it but we need somewhere to put it. One simple solution is to add higher storage to your kitchen and use it to store the seldom used items.

One idea is to have a row of cupboards above your normal wall cupboards and have a ladder available to access it. You can get wood ladders with wheels on the bottom that easily slide across the floor and lock into place, allowing access to those top cupboards. Another idea is to add storage above the window, depending on the design of your house. That way you have the extra storage without interfering with the light coming into the room.

Add specialist drawers

All kitchens have drawers but not all drawers are as useful as they could be. By working with a kitchen design expert, you can find a whole range of specialist drawer styles that make the most of your space.

Crockery drawers are one example. They are ideal to stack china and have special pegs in them to keep everything in place. You can move the pegs around to match the size of your crockery and it saves reaching up or down to get one of the more commonly used items. Another example is corner drawers that fit into those awkward corner spaces and open to store a range of items.

Rails and shelves

Most kitchens will have areas where rails, shelves or other smaller storage options can be added. There are lots of uses for those rails or shelves. Take mugs for example – they take up a lot of space in a cupboard, but by putting hooks on a rail, you can hang each mug from a hook. They are easy to get at, take up less room and can look great as a colourful feature on a plain wall.

Office storage solutions can be ideal for repurposing into kitchen storage – mesh style hanging racks can hold pots, jars and even small plant pots to make the most of the wall space.

Use storage inside cupboards

Like specialist drawers, you can also get cupboards that do specific jobs. The pinnacle of which is a pull-out pantry that looks like a normal cupboard – these slide out rather than opening and allow you to store a whole selection of dry goods.

If you want some professional advice to make the most of your storage, Kitchens By Design can work with you to create a kitchen design that suits your needs. Contact our team by calling us on 0117 962 or fill out our contact form.

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