Filling the hole Bake Off left in your home

For many people, the end of the Great British Bake Off didn’t only leave a gap in their TV viewing schedule but also left them with a desire to try some of the delicious recipes that they saw on the show. Not everyone is prepared to be the next Mary Berry with a kitchen stocked with baking appliances and ingredients, so how do you get started if the show has inspired you to try baking for the first time.Baking

Baking basics

If you are starting from scratch with baking at home, then there are some basics that you need to have in place to allow you to create what you want. Baking tins are the obvious ones – these come in a variety of shapes and sizes so opt for ones that are used in a few recipes, to begin with. Round cake tins with detachable bottoms are easy to use and look for non-stick coatings to allow your creations to come away from the tin easily.

Measuring spoons, a measuring jug and mixing bowls are the other staples of the baker’s armoury. Spoons handle dry ingredients and usually come in a range of pre-set sizes to make measuring easy. Jugs are for liquid ingredients such as milk or water and should have a variety of measures on the side. Go for two different sized mixing bowls as a minimum and have a couple of smaller bowls on hand for things like preparing eggs.

You may also want to invest in a set of scales to help with dry ingredients in larger amounts such as flour and a sieve to make sure the flour and such is fine so your mix isn’t lumpy.

Taking your baking to another level

If you have done some baking before and your kitchen features a good range of the basics, then the show might have inspired you to take your baking up another level. Investing in a good food processor can be crucial in this as mixing larger amounts of ingredients by hand can be time-consuming and doesn’t always get the best result.

You may even want to look to take a baking course that teaches you certain skills. Icing courses are a popular option and can allow you to make elaborate cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats. Or you may want to try more complicated cakes from around the world under the watchful eye of a tutor.

Bake Off parties

Another trend that has come from the show is to hold your own Bake Off style event. You can do it for fun or to raise money for a local charity and invite fellow baking fans to join in. You can be the judge yourself if you feel confident or bring in someone you know who is a baked good connoisseur (or who just likes eating cake) to do the judging.

If you are starting or advancing your baking or even planning an event and you feel that your kitchen isn’t up to the task, then Kitchens By Design can help you bring your kitchen up to standard. Let our experienced team help you get your dream bespoke kitchen by filling out our contact form or calling us on 0117 962 2599.

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