Christmas decorations for the kitchen

There’s always room for a bit of festive cheer, and since a good chunk of Christmas day is spent preparing dinner, decorating your kitchen might be the perfect way to keep your spirits high. It doesn’t have to be time consuming, and even small touches can transform a room into a winter wonderland. So have a very merry Christmas with our list of tips on how to inject a little merriment into your kitchen this year.

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Bringing all of the family in the kitchen on Christmas day

With our hectic lifestyles, the time that we get to spend with our loved ones is not as often as we’d like. That’s why opportunities such as Christmas day, when few of us have prior obligations, is the perfect chance to gather the family together and spend some valuable time in each other’s company.

Getting everyone involved in preparing the Christmas dinner not only takes the stress off one person, but also allows us time to bond, learn, and even have some fun.

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How to pick a microwave

Leicht-kitchens-by-kitchens-by-design-bristolWhile using a microwave is a hassle free way to prepare and cook your meals, when it comes to choosing which microwave you need, it often takes a lot longer than 3 minutes.

Whether you’re using it to make popcorn for a movie night, defrost the chicken for dinner you inevitably left in the freezer, or quickly zap a ready meal, microwaves are convenient, efficient, and incredibly good value for money – providing you invest in the right microwave for your needs.

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Changing Seasons: Prepping your kitchen for winter

Not only does the arrival for those colder months mean you need to dig out your thick jumpers and comfy boots, but it also means you may need to think about protecting and arranging other rooms in your home.

Your kitchen is just one room that can benefit from a winter makeover. So, here at Kitchens by Design we have put together our guide to ensuring that your kitchen is winter ready.

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Cookbooks for Hearty Winter Meals

The arrival of winter can only mean one thing; that it is time to start cooking hearty, warming and filling meals!
Even the most accomplished amateur chefs can struggle to think of new and interesting meals to cook. So why not treat yourself this winter and invest in a new cookbook? One that is packed full of delicious winter meals that all the family will love!

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