A quick guide to choosing your boiling water tap

One of the most used appliances in the British kitchen is the humble kettle. However, the new kid on the block is the boiling water tap. These taps promise instant boiling water straight from a storage container under the sink. Most models can also dispense cold and warm water from the same tap.

Although boiling water taps are more of an investment, we highly recommend them as they are cheaper to use than kettles and a more efficient solution. [Read more…]

How to ventilate your kitchen

Kitchens are very busy places and almost everything that happens there causes unpleasant side effects – steam, heat, smoke, grease and even some smells. While the meal might taste great, sometimes the preparation stage doesn’t smell so wonderful! The grease from all kinds of cooking can adhere to surfaces, walls and ceilings to add that unpleasant feel and look. Key to dealing with all these issues is having the right ventilation in the space, but what are the options? [Read more…]

Simplify Your Kitchen – A Guide to a More Efficient Kitchen

If your goal is to lead a simpler life, the kitchen is always a good place to start. Streamlining your pots, pans, and cutlery is key for a well-organised and functional kitchen. After all, what can cause more frustration than a kitchen drawer that is so full with junk you never use that it takes you five minutes to find the can opener? Eventually, you give up when you stumble upon the corkscrew and open a bottle of red instead.

Kitchen build-up is inevitable, but you can do something to minimise it. After all, a kitchen cluttered with gadgets and pots you don’t actually use will eventually prevent you from enjoying cooking.

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The benefits of open kitchen shelving

Open shelving is becoming a kitchen trend to watch, with more and more beautiful open shelves being incorporated into kitchen designs. Open shelves not only allow for quick access but look great when integrated with your existing kitchen, to really open out the space. Here are just some of the benefits of open shelves.

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